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The TETRAS provides versatility with ease of use and cost effectiveness by allowing the user the freedom to dictate the chemistry and by using low cost bulk chemicals and consumables.

The TETRAS is the only asynchronous multiple peptide instrument available on the market capable of performing independent peptide synthesis with variable scales, activations, lengths, and sequences. Flexibility and uncompromised reliability make the Tetras the instrument of choice for your peptide synthesis needs.

The Features of that unique novel synthesizer

  • Modular design, almost zero downtime
  • 32 digitally controlled metering pumps precisely deliver reagents and solvents
  • Disposable, isolated reaction wells eliminate cross contamination
  • Variable synthesis scale that can be run in parallel
  • Remote access software, service engineer always beside you
  • Flexible, user-defined protocols for each reaction well

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Tetras Synthesizer